Allermuir furniture

Office furniture from Allermuir is elegance adjoined by a modern way of thinking about an office. Thanks to a wonderfully designed line, this furniture creates a beautiful and functional space arrangement, appreciated by the clients, employees and contractors.

Thanks to good design and exceptionally high quality of work, Allermuir furniture creates a wonderful office space arrangement. In the portfolio you will find chairs, armchairs and other pieces of the highest quality, that may be freely connected with each other.

Chairs and armchairs for your office

Chairs and armchairs are basic office equipment. They make the everyday work, negotiations with the clients and contractor meetings doable. Allermuir chairs and armchairs represent the highest quality, great comfort, and practicality, but most importantly modern style.

Choosing products for our offer we have emphasized quality above anything else. Therefore we are certain that every product that you might choose from our assortment would be a great decision and would beautify every office interior. Allermuir furniture offers a wide range of colours so that it is possible to choose the best one for every possible space.

Allermuir furniture is also very functional. Its simple forms allow us to create arrangements with custom combinations of products or to choose particular models. Thanks to that every space, even those with unusual shapes, will be arrangeable with Allermuir furniture.

Ergonomic chairs

In Allermuir’s offer, you will find a wide range of products for the interior arrangement. We would especially like you to notice the ergonomic chairs, perfect for everyday, long hours’ work, as well as for rest and relax with their well-profiled line. Working at them is a pleasure and has a good influence on a healthy spine.

These chairs are not only healthy but also exceptionally aesthetic. Perfectly designed line exceptionally well-chosen materials and precise manufacturing distinguish Allermuir chairs from other available products of this type. An additional advantage to them is the relatively low price of furniture of the highest quality.

A wide range of office furniture

We encourage you to get acquainted with a wide range of our office furniture in Aqina’s showroom in Warsaw. The highest quality at a considerable price – this is what we focus on while choosing manufacturers, so that your furniture meets the highest standards of quality, durability and design.