Milliken Carpets

Milliken is the world’s largest private chemical-textile concern, owning  60 factories in 12 countries and 38 000 products! It is not these impressive numbers that make Milliken such an extraordinary company though. It is not even the superb quality of the products offered by them. Milliken is the ecological leader in their class and the only manufacturer that may present a negative balance of CO2 emissions.Milliken’s carpets, thanks to an innovative technology designed by the company, provide walking comfort comparable with luxury hotel carpets and demonstrate a very high index of acoustic isolation. Additionally, thanks to the brand's innovative substructure COMFORT PLUS, which acts as an amortization, it stays in perfect shape for a longer time.In 2014 AQINA has been awarded a respectable title of Milliken products sales leader. Our company has therefore accomplished the best outcome in Europe in 2014.

Office carpet tiles

A large group of people in one place can make quite a mess. Especially on the carpet, which in an office is being trod on by hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of feet. The easiest solution would seem to be simply not using any carpets, but the patter of heels and scraping of chairs very effectively make work more difficult. In this case, special carpet tiles are the perfect solution.

This type of carpets guarantees quick access to the technical infrastructure, which in office buildings is typically hidden under the floor, as well as an easy way of replacing stained or damaged fragments without the need to remove the whole carpet. While searching for office carpet tiles it is good to choose the best manufacturers’ offers, among whom we can find Milliken, strongly recommended by our company.



Milliken carpet tiles are equipped with patent substructure made of polyurethane foam. Because of that feature, apart from an unbelievable – compared to their rivals – comfort of usage we also get fantastic acoustic parameters (half of these products has sound-absorbing properties), as well as considerable durability, which is important while planning an investment.