Moroso furniture

Moroso is one of the most significant Italian manufacturers in the field of furniture. It is also a synonym of success and proof of the efficiency of durability and hard work. The company’s main field of interest includes sofas and armchairs, although the brand has in its offer also chairs, tables, coffee tables, cabinets, and carpets. Moroso is a family company. Nowadays it is run by the family’s second generation and remains an example of a small company becoming one of the most considered brands in the world. Moroso has always been open-minded. From the company’s very beginnings in post-war Italy, it has been profiting from the industrial manufacturing techniques adjustments to creating unique pieces, contributing to the modern history of design and modern art. Cooperating with extraordinary and original designers has been the company’s trademark for many years.

Moroso remains in close cooperation with some of the most talented designers creating luxury sofas and seating since 1952. Such designers as Ron Arad, Daniel Libeskind, David Adjaye, Patricia Urquiola, Tom Dixon, Marcel Wanders and many others have been, and still are, designing furniture for Moroso. This brand stands like no other as a leader in setting new trends, directions and borders in Italian furniture designing. All Moroso-branded pieces are products created with extraordinarily visible passion and compassion, but also with a thought for the user’s comfort and convenience. The visual experience of Moroso furniture is often enhanced by extravagant colors or unusual color compositions.

Modern and stylish

Moroso furniture may be described as and the explosion of unusual forms, colours and intelligent solutions. It’s a quintessence of modernity and style. Individual pieces, so armchairs, chairs, sofas, side tables not only seduce with their design but also encourage and set new trends. Ingeniously present themselves both individually and in duets. Juxtaposed they create a coherent and logical whole.

What else distinguishes this Italian furniture? Most importantly the revolutionary approach to design, with simultaneous maintenance of traditional craftsmanship. People love them especially for the clear lines and bold colour compositions. Moroso’s individual products are famous for their exquisite quality, use of top-tier materials, but also attention to detail and perfect finishing. This furniture is a wonderful alternative to all other products available.

Chairs and armchairs

Chairs and armchairs are an essential element of living and dining rooms, office and personal office equipment. It is precisely them that the comfort of rest and work depends on. Furniture offered by the Italian manufacturer Moroso are not only comfortable and functional but also visually pleasing. In the brand’s portfolio, one may find comfortable armchairs – traditional and swivel ones, for the living rooms, offices, and bedrooms. The company offers barstools and dining chairs as well.

Individual collections of chairs and armchairs draw our attention with their unusual designs. Particularly interesting are those kept in the pop art style, where elegance blends with craziness and a tinge of avant-garde. A curious solution present also openwork-patterned chairs – perfect for a woman’s parlour, glamour-styled kitchen or an elegant restaurant. On Moroso’s list of priorities figures not only the furniture’s aesthetics, but also its functionality and conventionality. For that reason, all their chairs and armchairs are visually effective, as well as very comfortable in everyday use. Moroso’s products are a perfect choice for work and relax arrangements.

Comfortable sofas

Every one of us dreams of one thing only after a long day’s work – blissful relax. And thinking relax, we are bound to think sofas. Those offered by Moroso are absolutely innovative, and thanks to that resting on them has an unquotable taste to it. What exactly is it that distinguishes them? Most of all, they are adequately profiled, so that they fit perfectly to the user’s body’s shape.

They prove themselves really well in living rooms, bedrooms, but also in private offices. This luxury furniture will most certainly add a note of character to every space.

Coffee tables

An essential contribution to living room, personal office or a small conference room are coffee tables. Those offered by Moroso are original, while still very sophisticated. Set beside a larger sofa or armchairs they make a considerably stylish team. Moroso coffee tables cause interiors to gain class, become unobvious and a bit nonchalant. The Italian manufacturer proposes tables for terraces and living rooms, smooth and with print, glass and acryl ones.