Wilkhahn furniture

Wilkhahn is a well-known German furniture manufacturer, whose success was based on lasting consequence. Their main focus is the production of modern task chairs, office and conference equipment. The company was first to patent and use in its products the Trimension® system, which allows movement in all dimensions while working. Apart from modern solutions in general, Wilkhahn's most prominent characteristic is attention to detail, exceptional style and the very best quality of finish. The company produces not only comfortable, dynamic and ergonomic office furniture, but also media accessories.

Office furniture signed with the Wilkhahn logo represents the perfect harmony of timeless design, comfort, and exceptional durability. Designing the FS-Line chair (1980) was a landmark step for the company, the next one was Confair – a folding conference table (1994) and the Modus chair (1994). The latest example of innovation on their part is the Graph conference collection. What leading experts nowadays consider the best though is On and In-office swivel chairs. Wilkhahn’s office furniture is manufactured in the spirit of ecology, and for that, the company has been frequently appreciated and awarded. Particular products of the company delight their users with freshness and creativity of the used solutions. And most importantly – they fit perfectly into every office space. Additionally, the furniture’s unique design causes the interiors to be more modern, comfortable and welcoming. Wilkhahn's office furniture creates inviting spaces, pleasant to be in.

Ergonomic chairs

It is known that the most important piece of office equipment are chairs. It is them that the comfort of work, spine’s health and our well-being in general greatly depends on. Wilkhahn’s ergonomic chairs were made with care for the user's comfort and health. Thanks to special construction they relieve the users’ back and enhance their comfort. Wilkhahn’s ergonomic chairs are now well-known throughout the world. They have won many notable awards in the field of furniture design by storm.

The human body requires frequent movement, with a differing range. The Wilkhahn company understands those needs perfectly, and so they have designed the Trimension® system and used it in the ON and IN chairs. This unique function is patent with the tri-dimensional technology Trimension® and not only does it allow the body to lean forward, backward and sideways, but it also allows the pelvis movement – which is extremely important for the user spine’s stability. As a result the body reamins perfectly balanced, no matter its position. The joints and muscles are being stimulated, and pain in the back eliminated.

Mobile tables

The mobile table is a perfect answer to the modern office’s needs. Arranging the space in which training, meeting or briefing is to be carried out is in the case of mobile tables a matter of several quick moves. Wilkhahn mobile tables are intelligent, extremely comfortable and functional products, and besides that, they look really good.

An exceptional feature of Wilkhahn tables is their ability to fold and unfold with literally one move. Therefore it is not surprising that this series’ tables have been awarded a number of considerable awards and remain one of the bestsellers in Wilkhahn’s collection. Additionally, the company’s mobile tables prove themselves used both individually and together, as a collection. They will greatly enrich spaces with a need for very high elasticity. They will also prove themselves in the conference and personal office arrangements.

Conference tables

Properly arranged workplace is equally important for mental comfort and effective work. Spaces for business meetings, important negotiations, should be especially comfortable, pleasant and welcoming. They should be a determinant of style and good taste. At Aqina we are well aware of that. For that reason, creating our office arrangements we eagerly reach for Wilkhahn conference tables. Thanks to minimalistic design, proper size and construction adjusted to specific requirements, Wilkhahn tables prove themselves suitable for everyday challenges. And, of course, they look beautiful.