Knoll Generation

Designed by Formway Design, 2009

Generation by Knoll® is the world’s first multi posture task chair. It fully supports the upright postures required for focused work, through to less conventional postures in collaborative settings.


Generation supports the diverse range of postures and work styles that are typical of today’s workplace and promotes more open, expressive and interactive postures.

The flex back responds to your movements. The flex top folds down to provide a comfortable arm rest when side sitting. Lumbar support continues from the flex back through to the free floating arm pads, that naturally adjust as you change position. The soft seat edge flexes, unhindered by obtrusive levers.

The result is seamless movement from upright to perched to side sitting, ¾ side recline and full recline postures. This unrestricted movement allows freedom of expression, encouraging creativity and engagement of individuals. Generation is the first chair to adapt itself to the user, not vice versa. Allows people to sit how they want to sit, whilst meeting international norms ergonomic guidelines.