Knoll Scope

Designed by Knoll International Design Department, 2001

Scope is the universal furniture platform. It can create anything from a conventional desk to benches, corner formats, through to conference tables. It is unrestricted by any particular modularity, format or aesthetic.
A universal operating system for the workplace.


Scope storage is a composable system. Individual elements such as doors, file drawers, and shelves can be added, removed and relocated as required. It can be configured to give access from either side, even within the same module. Worksurfaces can connect to either side. Scope storage is transported in component form, which is highly efficient when compared to conventional cabinets. The bureau is a desk side, personal storage unit. In the open position, it extends your working area, providing easy access to pens, paper trays, and accessories, along with a personal display panel. At the end of the day, all personal items are easily locked securely away. The door mechanism is dampened and silent in use.