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The Ricoh project is a fusion of practical working places and comfortable, cosy and friendly spaces. Unobvious patterns and colours bring life into the space and help us battle the routine of office work.

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The Coty project interior has been arranged both originally and very stylishly. Classic workplaces solutions remain comfortable and practical, while colourful accents break the greyness, making it less overwhelming and tiring.

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Biuro w zebra tower

The arrangement combines elements of home-like design and traditional office spaces, enriched by stimulating patterns. The carpets’ design is original, but not overextravagant, works very well with the building’s character.

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Hb Reavis/West Station

Simplicity and clarity of design are the two main features of this office design. Nevertheless, an interesting colour schematics makes the arrangement impossible to pass by indifferently.

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Interior design attunes us to specific activities – it is therefore important to mark the line between work and rest. Very clearly separated spaces with contrasting patterns and colours of used Milliken carpets in the MCMI project, each and every one aesthetically and practically equipped, make both focusing on specific tasks and resting from them far easier.

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The Vescom project is one of the more original arrangements. Unobvious solutions, a combination of industrial elements and modern design in interesting colours, gave an astonishing effect. Simple forms, accented practicality and quality are the main features of Knoll’s furniture used in equipping this office.

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Interior design, especially of spaces open for visitors and clients, is a trademark of the company. The Microsoft office fully reflects the company’s activities’ character, its prestige and professionalism. Modern and stylish design along with an unobvious colour schematics of the Milliken carpets create a very adequate arrangement.

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It does happen sometimes, that not the original design, nor the unique solutions emphasize the character and style of the arrangement, but the toned and simple patterns and colours. In this arrangement Milliken carpets do not overwhelm, do not distract, but underline and emphasize the colourful,  intense details, creating an atmosphere that subtly supports and relaxes.

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Grosik taxi

One of Milliken carpets’ significant features is a wide range of use. This project is a very good example of how they fit into every possible space, always keeping their exceptional quality and beautiful design.

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Sometimes, our products’ very high standard does not need a word uttered. Conference rooms, lounge and office spaces in the EY project are a perfect example of it. The seriousness and prestige of conference Renz tables and Graph armchairs, very original design and comfort of lounge furniture, as well as Milliken in all its glory – all these elements gave a unique, personal air to this arrangement.

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Coca cola

Arranging wide, open office spaces, it is important to seek not to make the workplaces melt with each other visually, so that they do not create a single, cloudy and simply dull image. In the Coca Cola office we have succeeded in avoiding this side effect with Narbutas using a unique colour schematics for upholstered elements, fitting for the brand’s trademark.

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Jeronimo Martins

A unique and unobvious arrangement has been accomplished with Milliken’s carpets with geometrical, sharp patterns combined with smooth, soft lines of furniture.

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A significant feature of this project is the way of breaking dull greyness. With a wide range of Milliken carpets’ designs and colours, lively wall patterns have been prolonged to the floor, connecting the vertical surfaces with he floor and creating a very consistent and interesting whole.

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Deutsche Bank

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Legg Mason

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RMF / Alvernia Studios

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Conference rooms’ arrangement style depends on the character of meetings that are to take place in them. In the Audatex project, Akaba, more open to lively, fresh colours and lighter forms came to be an alternative to the solid, respectable Renz tables and leather-upholstered matching armchairs.

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