Milliken Major Frequency

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A Catalyst of Transformation. It may seem the concepts of science and magic live on opposite ends of the spectrum. Science strives to understand and explain. Magic relies on the mystical possibilities of the unknown. The goal of each is similar, a desire to achieve complete transformation. Change Agent is a carpet and LVT collection influenced by the transcendent act of bringing new purpose to natural materials. Compound Magic and Pure Alchemy are influenced by the process of metal encountering a catalyst and being driven to radically change. Whether it be science, magic, or a bit of both, Change Agent expresses the beauty found within perpetual transformation.With complementing colours and plank sizes, two carpet designs, Compound Magic and Pure Alchemy seamlessly mix, match and pair with the Earth Science LVT design to create one beautifully continuous floor scape.


Milliken floor coverings bring together the spirit of innovation and engineering excellence of their parent company with the creativity and inspiration of our local design teams. By combining design with proprietary technologies and unique market insights, they make floor coverings that are as functional and sustainable as they are inspiring and original. They love what we do and are inspired by the power and beauty that meaningful design can deliver.​​​​

wykładzina biurowa Major Frequency Milliken dystrybutor Aqina 3
wykładzina biurowa Major Frequency Milliken dystrybutor Aqina 3

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