Narbutas Nova

A universal choice

NOVA: modern classic. Even the name itself derived from the Latin word means something “new”. If you change the desktop texture or leg colour, you will be able to create a whole new desk. The universal design and the functional desking system allow you to choose from a range of different desk designs and to adapt them to any office space.

U-shaped legs

Regular U-shaped legs is a universal design solution NOVA desk legs come in three different designs: U, A and O shape.


Sliding desktop

In the workplace, we often have to deal with multiple cables for connecting a variety of IT hardware devices. Choose functional NOVA U Slide desks with a push/pull desktop. The arrangement of the cable duct, the access to the power unit and cable management will be much more convenient. These desks are based on a very simple principle: to access the cable duct, pull the desktop toward yourself; if you want to conceal the cables, then simply push the desktop slightly.

Privacy and concentration

Modern offices are predominantly open-plan which makes it increasingly difficult to protect employees from the negative factors that affect their emotional well-being. Provide them some privacy and help them maintain their concentration. All types of desks come with dividers that are most suitable for them. There are three designs to choose from to suit your needs: upholstered (frameless or with a metal frame) or made of acrylic glass. There are also two options of partitions available: melamine partitions and acrylic glass partitions.