Wilkahn Metrik cantilever chair

Design: WhiteID

The contemporary interpretation of a cantilever chair.

Wilkhahn’s new Metrik cantilever chair stands apart for its sculptural shape and contours which bring a modern automotive design to mind. Polygonal shapes and rounded edges are part of a distinctive body that is defined by the form-fit assembly of the tubular steel frame and seat component. The seat and the tubular frame are the same colour to underscore the integrated design. As a result, the chair has a seamless look.


The sculptural shape of the inside of the chair with its integrated seat cushion offers superior comfort which can be further enhanced by extra cushioning at the back. The cushion covers come in different textures and colours and the through-dyed polyamide seat sections and frames are also available in a total of six colours. The spectrum covers black, white and grey to grey-beige and orange-red to blue-grey. The bright chrome-plated frame can be combined with all the colours. Up to six Metrik cantilever chairs can be stacked on top of one another in this version.