Wilkhahn Graph conference Table

Design: jehs+laub

The Graph tables reflect the principal design feature of the Graph conference chairs. The chair’s apparently seamless foot section, armrests, and seat are mirrored in the Graph conference tables. On the table frame, the aluminum underframes echo the sloping die-cast aluminum legs and their curved and flat look. As a result light lines appear consistently on the table frame, lending the frame a seamless appearance.


The large spans also create an impression of elegance where gravity seems almost suspended. This effect is enhanced by the asymmetrically curved table edges and the rounded corners of the table. The formats include round tables, as well as compact and long oval shapes which are based on squares and triangles. Sizes range from 120 by 120 to 780 by 230 centimetres (47 1 / 4 ” by 47 1 / 4 ” to 212 5 / 8 ” by 90 1 / 4 “) and provide generous space for four to 22 people. As a stylish table for meetings, or a prestigious piece of conferencing furniture, Graph stands for high-quality interaction. Wilkhahn has added four new models, 230 cm deep for 16, 18, 20 and 22 people, to its range of Graph conference table systems.